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Kevin runs Moshi Half Marathon for Hope Home Trust 26 Feb

I am running the Kilimanjaro half marathon for Hope Home Trust because of the work Hope Home do and my love of Tanzania. Event: 26 Feb 2023 in Moshi.

My children, Alex and Johnson are half British and half Tanzanian heritage, Their late mother who died in 2018 was born and lived Tanzania East Africa until we married in 2009 and until she passed away in 2018.

My motivation for entering this half marathan is as follows;

1. Self fulfilment: I am a keen cyclist but never called myself a runner, so a half marathon in 30 plus degree heat is a challenge, the concept of doing it in Tanzania is very meaningful to me due to my family connections with the country.

2. Raise money for a very worthwhile charity: Hope Home is a very small charity born from a small UK church group in Patcham, near Brighton. The charity has clear goals and is key to helping fund a home for orphaned children in Moshi, Tanzania and funding a private education for them. In Tanzania, a private education which can cost as little at £500 a year is key to giving young people the best opportunity to secure future employment. Government schools are very under resourced and its not unusual to have 70 students to one teacher! Government primary school also teach in the local language Swahili while private schools teach in English, it is acknowledged that so many work opportunities rely on having English as the spoken language.

3. Connection with Tanzania: with my family connections to Tanzania, I have a piece of Tanzania always in me, people always say once you've been to Africa, it does something to you / there is always Africa in you - its true and speaking to other people who went on my original volunteer programme in 2006 they say exactly the same.

Thank you for reading my page, I look forward to sharing updates with you and thank you for your support and encouragement.


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