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Kitaa Hope Home for Children

Hope Home Trust supports children through the work of Kitaa Hope Home Children's Home in Moshi in the Kilimanjaro district of northern Tanzania.  


Esta Kadeghe founded the home in 2006 to offer loving care to the most needy of the many local children, initially coming from her home-town of Same, and latterly coming from Moshi and further afield.

Welcome to the

Moshi Family

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Kitaa Hope Home

The Children's home operates under the charitable status of KITAA (Kilimanjaro International Tanzania Aid Agency) to provide a home and education for some of the country's most deprived children.


In 2009 land was purchased and construction begun on a six building residence for the children and staff.


The children moved into their purpose-built home in 2012.


In 2014 a nursery was opened on site which now supports up to 50 local children in day care.  


Hope Home is a family run orphanage. Children who come to live there are welcomed into a family atmosphere and loved and cared for. They care for each other and learn to share, to co-operate and be respectful.


It is a Christian-run home. Most evenings there is an assembly of talking and sharing, followed by worship led in turn by one of the children and one of the workers. These are, without exception, grateful children who are learning again to thrive, and make the most of their opportunity for a stable family life and a good education.  

Serving Orphans in Moshi, Tanzania


In partnership with


Kilimanjaro International Tanzania Aid Agency

£33 a month cares for one child at Kitaa

Kitaa Hope Home

Po Box 7403, Moshi



(c) 2017 Hope Home Trust

Hope Home Trust, a Charities Commission registered non-profit organization, seeks to advance in life and relieve the needs of orphaned children in Tanzania through provision of homes, education and Christian care specifically through Kilimanjaro International Tanzania Aid Agency. 100% of all donations goes directly to meet these aims in Tanzania. Any administrative and fundraising costs are met by the trustees.

Help us love and educate orphans in East Africa.

Charity Number 1126415.

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