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Kitaa Kids

Kitaa Kids

Hapi is in her first year of University in Dar Es Salam.


Wema is finishing her A levels.


Emmanuel and Humphrey are in their first year of A levels, and Will, Nancy and Ibrahim having completed their O levels are expecting to join them.


John is in his final year of O levels.

They are all away from Hope Home and boarding for the duration of their secondary and tertiary studies. 

The primary school students are at Moshi Academy day school.

  In year 7 Anna, Wilson and Claudia

  In year 6 Naomi and Bryan

  In year 5 Careen, Brighton,, Yohana (and Queen in Majengo)

  In year 4 Grace, Isaya, Prisca, John.

  In year 3 Jacqueline, Neema and Daudi

  In year 2 Ana, Anania, Ethan and Merry

  in year 1 Alvina.

  in Nursery Moses


And in DayCare, Precious and Irene.  

Kitaa Kids

Serving Orphans in Moshi, Tanzania


In partnership with


Kilimanjaro International Tanzania Aid Agency

Hope Home Trust, a Charities Commission registered non-profit organization, seeks to advance in life and relieve the needs of orphaned children in Tanzania through provision of homes, education and Christian care specifically through Kilimanjaro International Tanzania Aid Agency. 100% of all donations goes directly to meet these aims in Tanzania. Any administrative and fundraising costs are met by the trustees.

Help us love and educate orphans in East Africa.

Charity Number 1126415.

(c) 2017 Hope Home Trust

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